Do You Wanna? - Tight Lipped
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Take Me Home - Tight Lipped
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Mowgli's Monster Madness - Tight Lipped
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Fascinator - Tight Lipped
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Do You Wanna? (Radio Edit) - Tight Lipped
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Tight Lipped is a four piece heavy rock-n-roll band from Asbury Park. Fronted by the dynamic duo of guitarist and singer Joy Vay and bassist Samantha Slick, Tight Lipped delivers an eruptive amalgam of 70’s inspired punk and surf with a glam meets garage vibe that packs a powerful punch to your sonic face.


Artist Information


Band Members: 

Joy Vay- Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar

Samantha Slick- Bass/Vox

Lauren Blue Fox- Lead Guitar/Vox

Kat DeVille- Drums/Vox

Label: Self Released

Genre: Rock/Punk/Surf/Sleaze

Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ

Influences: Dead Boys, The Ramones, The Cramps, The Runaways, L7

Sounds Like: Best described as if The Go-Go’s had a baby with The Lunachicks and then that baby grew up and married Agent Orange and then they had a baby; well Tight Lipped would be their spawn.


“(Joy) has those signature powerhouse vocals”

- John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian


“Vay has this infectious vocal cadence that just makes us want grow a mohawk and pin some band logos on your jean jacket. It’s just awesome”,

- The Pop Break

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