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Tight Lipped is a four piece heavy rock-n-roll band from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Featuring 4 bad ass bitches: guitarist and singer Joy Vay, bassist Samantha Slick, Drummer Kat DaVille and lead guitarist Lauren Blue Fox; Tight Lipped delivers an fistful of 70’s inspired sleazy surf punk meets garage glam.. Packs a powerful punch to your sonic face... in a good way.

Artist Information


Band Members: 

Joy Vay- Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar

Samantha Slick- Bass/Vox

Lauren Blue Fox- Lead Guitar/Vox

Kat DaVille- Drums/Vox

Label: Self Released

Genre: Rock/Punk/Surf/Sleaze

Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ

Influences: Dead Boys, The Ramones, The Cramps, The Runaways, L7

Sounds Like: the Go-Go's had a baby with Motorhead  


Makin Waves Record of the Week:
"So Tight" by Tight Lipped. Seven songs expressed in a succinct 16 minutes live up to the title, offering another fun challenge that made it tough to pick the Makin Waves Song of the Week. And the winner is ... “Can't Afford You,” featuring an irresistible Runaways-like girl gang vocal... Joan Jett would love this tune

-Makin Waves Music Column


“(Joy) has those signature powerhouse vocals”

- John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian


Best EP 2019: Tight Lipped"So Tight" - Raucous affair... Fans of The Cramps and The Runaways will totally dig it.

-Bob Makin, New Jersey Stage Magazine, 21st Annual Makin Wave Awards


“Joy Vay has this infectious vocal cadence that just makes us want grow a mohawk and pin some band logos on your jean jacket. It’s just awesome”,

- The Pop Break

Tight Lipped So Tight Album Cover
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